A Hamilton Fan Trolls Verstappen’s Orange Tide At The Netherlands GP

The fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the title of Formula 1 world champion is being resolved on all fronts, including those that are disputed off the asphalt. The hobbies of both have come to play a key role for the psychological factor, and the arrival of the Dutch GP has increased the tension.

Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo driver
The boos to Hamilton by the ‘orange tide’ have already been seen in other Grands Prix, but in this return to the winding Zandvoort the complaints towards him have been sharpened. Proof of this was the abandonment of the seven-time champion in the free seconds due to a breakdown: as he got out of the car, Verstappen fans (easily identifiable by the characteristic orange ) celebrated in a big way.

– DAZN Spain (@DAZN_ES) September 3, 2021
This is long overdue. When Hamilton rammed Verstappen into Copse during the British GP , fans of the Briton celebrated at first until they realized the severity of the blow.

That was not forgotten by the Dutch, who now take revenge on every occasion they can, also on the networks and using the cliché and reportable racism as a method to attack the seven-time champion .

Hamilton, however, is not alone in Zandvoort. It has support in the sky, literally, since the fans have been surprised by the irruption of a plane that took off from a runway near the beach of this small town to unfurl a banner that reads “Seven times world champion Simply wonderful . ”

Here is the plane taking off this morning #TeamLH … going up and down Zandvoort beach now @LewisHamilton 💜 pic.twitter.com/PEidanDUez

– @thestaveros (@the_staveros) September 3, 2021
A Hamilton fan has chartered a plane to fly over Zandvoort with the message: “7 times world champion, simply lovely”. #DutchGP pic.twitter.com/XppfaAicEr

– Jesús Balseiro (@ASJesusBalseiro) September 3, 2021
During the press conference the previous Thursday, Verstappen already warned that he was not going to stop his fans from booing Hamilton. ” The boos to Hamilton are not my responsibility . In any football game the rival always receives boos and no manager or player thinks of asking not to whistle to the contrary,” he recalled.

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