Complicated Times Of Story Will be Released on 2022

Statistics tell us that about half of the couples that are formed break up . And I ask myself: does this mean that the half that does not fall apart are happy ? Unfortunately not. Being in a couple, maintaining the relationship, does not imply that you are happy (at least, in that area of ​​your life) and release on 2022.

And then, if someone is not happy with their partner … what are the reasons that prevent them from separating? Perhaps you are one of the people who wonder this. Or maybe you are one of the people who are in a relationship and you are not happy with that person and you do not know very well what prevents you from separating and changing the situation.

Notice that this article is not intended to be an apology for separations and, despite this, what I do seek is to invite you (and all the people who read) to have sex-affective relationships that enrich us.

Let’s reflect a bit: what is the reason that makes you be with your partner ? (If you do not have a partner now, you can ask yourself the same question, evaluating it with the last relationship you have had). Perhaps the first answer that comes to mind is: because I love him. OK agreed.

So what does it mean to love? Because loving, apart from having a certain attraction towards the person with whom we are, would have to imply that the relationship enriches us , that we receive things and suffer from him, in a more or less balanced way, that we have fun, that we take care of ourselves.

That we support each other when we need it. It is clear that you can always live more complicated times, but there are things that never have to be lacking in a relationship(and this can be extrapolated to all kinds of relationships, but I focus on talking about sex-affective ones).

They told me: “When you have a partner, the curve of happiness comes out!” And they made fun of the supposed kilos that are gained when you have a partner (one day we will talk about this type of ‘gordofobia’).

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