Crue Is Committed To Total Presence In 2021-2022 Academic Year

The president of Crue Spanish Universities, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, has transferred to the Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, his commitment to total presence as soon as possible this 2021-2022 academic year. During the meeting held by videoconference held this Friday, September 3, on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, both have agreed in stating that universities have proven to be safe spaces against COVID.

For this reason, they have agreed to raise the request to the Ministry of Health and regional health authorities to adapt the current prevention measures against COVID-19 to reach full presence as soon as possible, taking into account the percentage of vaccination of the age group of the university students and the alert level of each autonomous community or locality in which the university is located.

Gómez Villamandos has offered Castells the collaboration of Crue Universidades Españolas to support the application of the recommendations issued by his Department. He has also appealed to individual responsibility to achieve a correct development of the classes and to minimize and quickly control possible outbreaks of the coronavirus, as was done last year. In this sense, Gómez Villamandos has stressed the importance of the agreed measures allowing a flexible application adjusted to the heterogeneous casuistry of the Spanish University System.

Along with the president of Crue, the president of Crue-Internationalization and Cooperation and rector of the University of Seville, Miguel Ángel Castro; the president of Crue-Sustainability and rector of the University of Burgos, Manuel Pérez Mateos, and the president of Crue-Teaching and rector of the University of Cantabria, Ángel Pazos. Likewise, the minister has been accompanied by the Secretary General for Universities, José Manuel Pingarrón.

Afghan Academics and Students
During this meeting, the rectors have expressed their concern about the situation of the professors, researchers and students of the Afghan university community and have communicated to the Ministry their willingness to welcome into the Spanish University System those who have been evacuated in these weeks due to threats from the Taliban regime.

In this sense, Crue and the Ministry of Universities have committed to creating a working group and procedures between both actors, together with the autonomous communities, to convey responses and concrete actions that help alleviate the situation.

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