How Much Does A Web Programmer Earn In Spain?

Web programmers continue to be one of the most demanded technology professionals in the Spanish job market. A demand that companies cannot cover due to a lack of specialized workers and that, furthermore, increases every year. All this has led to the salaries of technology professionals being among the fastest growing since many companies resort to salary increases to attract talent.

Aulab, a company specializing in technology training through bootcamps, explain that “web programmers have become a fundamental figure for companies given the rapid growth of the web development sector, especially during the pandemic because at that stage many businesses they had to make the leap to the online channel, increasing the search for this professional profile much more “.

According to the Tech Cities 2021 report by Experis, professionals in the IT sector in Spain earn an average salary of 37,660 gross euros per year, which is 42% more than the national average. But what salary does a web programmer in Spain receive, specifically? Well, according to the data collected by Aulab, from the Indeed portal, a junior programmer in our country earns, on average, 23,904 euros per year.

Now, this average salary varies depending on the area and specialization that the programmer has, as shown below:

Front-end developer. Junior tech professionals specializing in front-end start with an average salary of 32,000 euros per year. A figure that increases over the years based on experience. The work of these developers is to design the website, its functionality and any aspect that affects the client side. Its objective is none other than to make the website attractive, navigable and easy to use.

Back-end developer programmer. A junior developer specializing in back-end earns a median salary of ?? 25,000. yearly. And, as in the case of the front-end programmer, this figure grows with accumulated experience. This professional is in charge of the architecture of the website or application, and the elements of the server side. Its objective is that the website has an optimal performance, anticipating possible problems and creating all possible solutions so that the requested actions are executed correctly.

Full-stack web developer. Full-stack web developers are the most complete profile since they have front-end and back-end knowledge, so their salary range is higher, with a range that ranges between 35,000 and 45,000 euros per year.

This technical profile is increasingly in demand for his ability to develop web and applications, his knowledge of programmatic languages ​​and his handling of different operating systems. This professional is capable of developing the graphical interface of a website, inserting elements on the page, stylizing and animating them, as well as being able to build the structure of the website or application and implement all its functionalities.

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