It’s Difficult Against The Little Guy That Real Madrid Manages

Ángel Di María gave an interview in Argentina for TyC Sports in which he has reviewed various moments of his career and in which he did not want to put aside his time at Real Madrid . The current Paris Saint-Germain footballerleft the club in 2014, weeks after being one of the protagonists and responsible for the achievement of La Décima, in a final that he classified as ” his best club game “.

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However, that did not prevent the already president Florentino Pérez from wanting to get a slice of a footballer with good cache to end up bringing James Rodríguez . It is precisely the maximum white president who Di María has wanted to point out as the person in charge and precursor of his departure , giving him a curious name.

“Cristiano, Ramos, Iker … They fought for me not to leave, but it is difficult against the little boy who manages Real Madrid . What happened happened, but always grateful to them for those who banked me,” explained Di María, who he wanted to give one of lime and another of sand to the president.

“For business it is a phenomenon. It sells players that for me capable that are not worth what they are worth and it sells them at a fortune . It sells and brings as if nothing,” he said, before also talking about the possible arrival of Mbappé to Real Madrid. “Florentino took too many chips from what he pays to be able to make an important purchase. He goes with everything for Kylian . Here the club I do not know if he is going to let him out, he is going to keep him and he is going to let him go free. , if you are going to renew … “.

Another of the great characters that Fideo agreed with is Jose Mourinho , whom he described as “a phenomenon” and a “madman” . “With me he was always good people. In the locker room he would fight with anyone, whoever sucked an egg. Once he told Cristiano that he did not run, that everyone ran for him. He does not care about anything, ” he said.

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From the Portuguese he also shared a curious anecdote to exemplify that madness that Mourinho talks about. “I had four yellow cards and he told me ‘if they take you yellow, I’ll give you four days off.’ .

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