Neymar’s Belly Puts Him At The Center Of Criticism

Neymar’s belly puts him at the center of criticism: “I’m at my weight, in the next game I ask for a size M”. Brazil beat Chile 0-1, but all eyes were on the fledgling belly of their star Neymar.

One of the images that remained of the Chile – Brazil qualification for the World Cup in Qatar was, how could it be otherwise, Neymar . The Rio de Janeiro star was not the author of the winning goal, but he did get a lot of comments due to his physical condition .

Either because of the shirt or because he really let go this summer, the truth is that during the match he had a remarkable belly . To this is added that he did not show his usual speed, which prompted numerous comments.

Since the end of the Copa América and until the season with PSG began , Neymar has worked on the sidelines of his team until he was in a position to be under Tite’s orders . Photos on a boat drinking, his now classic parties … Many have taken advantage of the image of this match to whip him up and accuse him of arriving at the start of this campaign overweight .

Far from taking it badly, Neymar replied to his critics with an eloquent story on Instagram:
Neymar’s story on instagram after Chile – BrazilNeymar’s story on instagram after Chile – BrazilIG @Neymarjr
The publication has several messages: “Did we play well? No. Did we win? Yes! So fuck yourselves. Keep dancing. We keep making history,” he wrote on the one hand, before a postscript.

“The shirt was (size) G, I’m at my weight. The next game I ask for a shirt M,” he replied to those who accuse him of being overweight.

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