Social Security Notice To Those Who Are Going To Travel Outside Of Spain

Summer is ending and the volume of flights out of Spain is dropping. However, there are still people who have booked their holidays for the month of September. In addition, business travel is on the rise again. For this reason, Social Security has repeatedly warned that these travelers need a document to leave the Spanish borders .

This document is the European health card, with which Spanish citizens can receive free medical care outside the country. This card certifies the right to receive the health benefits that are necessary during a temporary stay in any country of the European Union.

How can I get the European health card?
With the recent expansion of channels to carry out procedures carried out by the National Institute of Social Security, the citizen has different ways to carry out this procedure. In the first place, this applicant can request the European health card as an interested party , that is, in his own name, on the Tu Seguridad Social platform. In the same way, you can also carry out this process as a proxy, but for this you must be registered in the electronic proxy registry.

From here, the interested party must select Request a Card in the European Health Card section. Once inside, it will only be necessary to provide the address to which you want it to be sent and request this document for the beneficiaries of health care that you have associates.

On the other hand, the INSS also allows this procedure to be carried out through a representative who has a digital certificate or cl @ ve through the Tu Seguridad Social portal. The person who is granted the power to do so must select this access method, choose the corresponding procedure and follow the instructions provided by the platform.

Likewise, the user can also go to the electronic headquarters of the Social Security and identify themselves via SMS, since this is one of the many procedures that this entity allows to do without the need to have a digital certificate or cl @ ve.

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