Úrsula Corberó Confesses How She Felt When She Met Spoiler Of ‘La Casa De Papel’

In 2017, Úrsula Corberó was the first to introduce herself to the La casa de papel fandom , starring in the opening scene of the series. Her role as an omniscient narrator placed her in a privileged position in the robberies perpetrated in these five seasons, something that supported a large number of theories in relation to her person. A series of hypotheses broken after the epic death of Tokyo in the series created by Álex Pina , which caused the climax of his character and the tears of a large part of the audience.

“There was a kind of peace and calm, quite similar to death. That has made me go renewed in some way. It’s like I spent all the mourning there,” said the Catalan actress about her sad farewell in a new video of Netflix. She also shared what it was like to read the script of her denouement for the first time. “It was heavy. It was very strong. In fact, I have a photo of when I finished reading the script and I took a selfie, because I was very destroyed. The last chapter has been for me a kind of shamanic ritual, where I have been given the opportunity to finish as I would have liked . ”

In this Volume 1 of Q5, we got to know better the history of Tokyo in relation to the two great loves of his life: René (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and Río (Miguel Herrán) . Two completely different lives that had led the rebel robber to join the new coup at the Bank of Spain and lose her life in the face of the military advance, but not before taking Gandía (José Manuel Poga) , the executor of her great ally, ahead. and friend Nairobi (Alba Flores).

For all these reasons, Corberó points out that the “suffering” and the “intensity” of the fiction, which caused her shoulder blade to almost fall from pressing the trigger so much, she became hoarse from screaming and crying or being so dirty, they deserve without a doubt. worth it to leave with a good taste in your mouth. “Despite all that, it was incredible because I experienced everything as a magical farewell and it showed a lot in the atmosphere as well .” We will miss one of our favorite characters.

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