AMLO Electricity Reform in April 2022 by Committee

electricity reform

The Morena coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies Ignacio announced that his party together with the PT and the Green Party will seek to discuss and vote on the electricity reform proposed by President Andres Manuel until April 2022.

We proposed to conclude the Electrical Reform process which includes approval in the Chamber of Deputies Senators and at least 17 local congresses no later than April 15 We urge the owners and executives of generating companies to participate in the debate he said

After a plenary meeting was held between the three parties they announced that for now they will give priority to the discussion of the Federations Expenditure Budget so for the Energy Reform there is no rush since the established deadline It will also allow them to carry out open parliament convince businessmen and the opposition as well as the senators of the republic

Accompanied by the coordinators of the PVEM  Carlos Puente Salas of the PT Reginaldo Sandoval Flores and the president of the Board of Directors Sergio the deputy of Morena  Ignacio Mier said that a review was made on the political technical and legal route which It must be followed before the opinion of the corresponding commissions Constitutional Points and Energy is submitted for consideration

It does not rush us what hurries us is that it is debated and the Mexicans know everyone and that you help us as they always do objectively that the Mexicans are aware of this said Ignacio.

In my parliamentary group we will give priority to not taking a single step back in renewable energies Because it is something we have always worked on we have promoted and we must be consistent in it

We have asked and we have sought and we have agreed with the other parliamentary groups that we have an indepth analysis a serious debate We will open the doors to the Chamber of Deputies in a model of open parliament for the owners and owners of these investments to come and that so many are pointed out so that we can remove the veil from many things that exist that we can go through and move forward which is what is best for Mexicans said the leader of the PVEM 

Likewise the leader of Morena  Mier Velazco called on the owners managers senior managers of the independent and self-sufficient generators who feel that technically legally economically in accordance with the four chapters of the Free Trade Agreement  demonstrate that technically we are wrong that legally we put investments at risk in accordance with what is established in the corresponding chapters of said treaty

Let them tell us whether or not we are dependent on natural gas  If having paralyzed the generating industry of our country generates to all Mexicans to you and to all of us a loss of 211000 million pesos and for buying it from individuals it is costing our country 223000 million pesos together they are 435000 million pesos said the morenista

For his part the coordinator of the Green Party deputies  Carlos Puente Salas asserted that they will not take a step back in renewable energies and that his party will continue to analyze the presidential initiative in detail.

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