Doria and Leite Talk About uniting the PSDB Elections

Competitors in the PSDB caucuses that will define the partys name for next years presidential election governors João Doria São Paulo and Eduardo Leite Rio Grande do Sul eased criticism of each other which took over the debates promoted by the party and spoke of uniting the party after the elections this Sunday 21 when the PSDB will meet its candidate.

The two dispute the preference of nearly 45000 toucans alongside the former mayor of Manaus Arthur Virgílio Neto The politicians arrived at the Ulysses Convention Center in Brasília where the PSDB preliminary vote takes place between 1030 and 1100.

At the site supporters of Doria and Leite attended with greater weight with flags and posters in support of the governors The governors were widely applauded for their militancy toucan Before voting the two met and gave each other a long hug.

We are going to unite the PSDB and then we are going to unite Brazil The moment of the election divides but once the process is over I am absolutely sure that the party will be united in a single purpose which is to take the country out of this polarization that generates so much damage highlighted.

The PSDB will come out more united and stronger than ever The PSDB is united and will continue united and strengthened Long live democracy long live Brazil added Doria The governor of São Paulo avoided polemics with his colleague from Rio Grande do Sul and wished the PSDB the best.

The day after the vote will be a day of union aggregation addition strengthening of the PSDB We are friends not enemies We dispute the PSDB previews but we are not enemies We have different positions but the same goal I sincerely hope that we have this transparent process until the end so that by the end of today we have the candidate chosen by direct vote.

The PSDB previews were marked by accusations among the precandidates allegations of fraud alleged hacking disaffiliation of mayors and vices and threats of judicialization the accumulated episodes show the difficulty of unity and the rivalry between the countrys toucan leaders.

During the period supporters of filed a complaint that the São Paulo governors group had irregularly affiliated 92 mayors and vice presidents with a retroactive date to inflate the electoral college and thus gain more votes The affiliations would have occurred after the deadline May 31 according to the accusation considered serious.

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