Invisibility Civil Registration is the Theme of Writing in 2021

Invisibility and civil registration guaranteeing access to citizenship in Brazil is the theme of the text of Enem 2021 National High School Exam The dissertation proposal was released by Inep National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira on social networks this Sunday 21.

The student who manages to bring more diversity than the civil registry explains Maria Catarina can guarantee a good performance Students may consider for example the impossibility of voting of access to vaccination of access to basic education of traveling on interstate transport.

It is also possible according to the pedagogical coordinator to think of an intervention that ensures speedy registration or the possibility of recovering records in cases of loss theft or disaster In addition the pedagogical coordinator highlights that it is possible to argue about the use of technology in these records such as the use of the digital drivers license Documents that if unified would tend to guarantee the perfect execution of the citizenship of each individual.

The exam theme according to Maria Catarina follows the trend of working on issues that work with citizenship civil rights and basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution The theme goes directly to the source of access to this vast infinity of rights in the sense of voting health care that requires a civil registry so that it can be effectively guaranteed since it is the mechanism for accessing all other rights a theme very much in line with previous years.

The Enem will be applied on November 21st and 28th to more than 3 million students across the country On this first day of the test participants will take the language humanities and writing tests In the second mathematics and natural sciences.

The Enem wording is worth a thousand points and can be the difference when it comes to winning a place at a university a good grade in this part guarantees more points to the candidate

For the author of Portuguese Language of the PH Teaching System Thiago Braga this is an important topic and one that is in the standard of the exam Many people are still unable to access civil registration and we talk about digital illiteracy unemployment and many people are unable to have their most basic rights because they are not recognized by the state he says

It is an excellent discussion for all youth in Brazil There are many possible paths for the student to build their argument and it is a very satisfying topic and an important discussion in todays Brazil.

The pedagogical director of the Anglo Course considered the topic to be laborious broad and of social importance in the lives of individuals in the country The civil registry has a very important dimension in terms of recording the facts of the civil life of individuals It is a legal act therefore it would be important to link the civil registry to the concept that we live in a society based on the Democratic Rule of Law It is a legal piece that places individuals legally settled in society.

Invisibility according to the director entails a problem of access to citizenship A part of society without civil registries is invisible to society Given this candidates can think about the causes and effects of this visibility One can think about the state and the strength it can have to encourage and promote the civil registry of people in the distortion of public data based on data from notary offices that are not the ones that represent reality and in the very social insertion that is harmed he said

Polihedros pedagogical and editorial coordinator Maria Catarina Bózio stated that the issue of civil registration is fundamental because it means access to other rights It is important that the student does not stop working with the notion of invisibility as it is dangerous and should be avoided denying these rights to those who do not have a civil registry How important it is to ensure the recovery of records and documentation registering people for that it is possible to guarantee rights and citizenship.

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