Bull invades school and leaves children injured

An ox invaded the school (Municipal Elementary School) Professor Alan in the city of in the interior of Paulo around 3:40 pm this Monday (22) and left some children injured.

Animal would have entered through the parking gate this Monday He was sedated and removed from the scene safely.

Police investigate the abandonment of a thousand buffaloes in SP According to the city hall, the animal would have entered through the parking gate at the time a vehicle left the site, going outside the building to the outdoor patio, where the children were at break times.

Some suffered bruises due to the rush and were treated by Sam (Mobile Emergency Care Service) and by the Fire Department and taken to the emergency room. In all, 14 children were treated and only two are suspected of having a fracture.

They have already been through the orthopedist and are awaiting examinations also according to the city hall, no one was seriously injured.

The city’s Zoonoses team moved to the site, sedated the animal and removed it without damage.

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