Digital Influencer Oliveira Attacked by Her Ex Husband


Still impressed with the repercussions on the case digital influencer Nayara Oliveira attacked by her exhusband in daylight in front of a mall in 405 km from Belo Horizonte reports details of the attack which was recorded by cameras of security.

In an interview with R7 Nayara 31 described as desperate the moment she was im-mobilized by the neck and thrown on the floor by her former partner the 54-year-old self-employed Socrates The recording shows that all the while the man was with the couples son a boy aged 1 year and 2 months in his arms.

I went into a state of shock because he started to suffocate me I started to lose my breath I only saw people slow to get close he recalls.

In the video it is possible to see the self employed person walking with the boy on his lap Nayara appears in the images running towards the ex Porto receives it with a kick and tries to push the smaller one away The physical fight continues until the arrival of some people who break up the fight.

The influencer says that she advanced on the ex to try to get the child back as the man would have said that he would only return the child after the police were called The confusion began according to the victim after the boys father was informed that his sons visit would be accompanied by a friend of hers.

She her friend took the child for him to see because I have a court decision determining that the visit be assisted explained Nayara about the meeting that took place at the mall where she also works.

The case took place on November 29th According to the victims lawyer after the attack the Military Police was called but the suspect was not located in the region The investigated who was legally prohibited from approaching the ex was arrested at the end of the week.

Nayara says that this was not the first time she was attacked by her ex-partner In July of this year when the marriage of seven years came to an end she filed a police report.

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