Nayara Has 60000 Followers on Social Network

Thirty days counted from minute to minute and someone will pay dearly According to her the deadline coincided with the period of separation and the denunciation made The other threat she reportedly received via the messaging app on the child’s birthday in a text supposedly sent by the child’s father.

Nayara claims that she was physically and verbally abused during her marriage but she did not go to the police because she believed in the possibility of saving the relationship and because of fear of impunity.

Sometimes its fear sometimes you love the person next to you Its not as easy to get out of this situation as it seems to be for the outsider he declared

After the case gained repercussion I received messages from several women who go through similar situations I didn’t imagine that so many people go through this concludes the influencer

Nayara has 60000 followers on a social network She publishes content about fashion beauty and travel aimed mainly at the public in the region.

Lawyer of Porto claimed in the report that the video was taken out of context Couto claims that the client acted in defense of an attack coming from Nayara The defense also informed that it has not yet had access to the process and that it will wait to comment further on the case The lawyer said he should apply for a habeas corpus this Thursday.

Which led the court to grant a protective measure that prevents rapprochement and contact between them The situation was untenable It was aggressive every day and night he explains about the reason for the termination.

Also according to the influencer in the following months she made two other complaints to the police due to threats In one of them recorded in August Nayara reports that she felt coerced by a message that her ex had posted on a social network with the words.

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