President Calls Passport A Collar Vaccine And Criticizes Measure

At an event held this Tuesday 7 at the Palácio do Planalto in Brasília President Jair Bolsonaro once again criticized the socalled vaccine passport a document that proves immunization against Covid19 and assessed the measure as a collar who want to put on the Brazilian people.

We see a huge fight here now about a vaccine passport Who is in favor dont forget tomorrow someone can impose something on you that you are not favorable Whoever takes the vaccine can get the virus Can and does Can it transmit Yes transmits Can it die Yes it can As many people have died unfortunately he said.

And we ask why the vaccination passport Why this collar they want to put on the Brazilian people Id rather die than lose my freedom he added.

Bolsonaro said he is still not against the vaccine as the government purchased more than 600 million doses of immunizers against Covid19 We are all going to respond to individual freedom And another is that whoever took the vaccine does not have to worry about whoever did not take it because it will not be contaminated.

The statements took place during the signing of the terms of the public concessions for the use of radio frequencies by the winning companies in the 5G auction bands in Brazil According to the Minister of Communications Fábio Faria the companies that won the event pledged to deliver the radio frequency in all Brazilian capitals by July 2022.

Its a leap for the issue of communications in Brazil as well as when it comes to the internet of things For commerce this is priceless And also increased quality of service Its Brazil working out said Bolsonaro.

According to the government the new technology will bring deeper changes for industrial and automation applications than for the smartphone user These users says the folder will have at their disposal average and peak transmission rates much higher than those of 4G but the great innovation will be in commercial applications such as autonomous cars remote surgeries sensors among others.

Brazil when you Jair Bolsonaro took over the federal government on January 1 2019 had almost 50 million people who did not have internet Today we have 39 millions said Faria And today we are signing and celebrating a value of R 472 billion from which R 5 billion will go to Paulo Guedes fund to the economy stated Faria.

The Minister of Communications informed that it was the biggest auction ever held for radio frequencies in the world Its the first 5G auction not the first auction which was in Chile but they didnt implement it there because they had legal problems and this auction ours of R 47 billion had no legal action he said.

The event took place at Planalto Palace and was attended by ministers Fábio Faria Communications Paulo Guedes Economics Tarcísio de Freitas Infrastructure João Roma Citizenship Flávia Arruda Government Secretariat Luiz Eduardo Ramos General Secretariat Ciro Nogueira Casa Civil Onyx Lorenzoni Work and Social Security and Braga Netto Defense.

The main steps of the 5G auction to select the operators of connectivity services with the fifth generation of mobile telephony were concluded last month With the sale of 85 of the radio frequency bands made available the value reached 467 billion.

There was a premium of 5 billion higher than the minimum price stipulated by the government in the invitation to bid Of the total more than 393 billion will be used for investments to expand the countrys connectivity infrastructure.

The Claro and Vivo Telefonica Brazil rounded off five of the ten lots Type G during the auction of 5G These blocks refer to the provision of the service at the national level in basic education schools Claro took the first two batches G1 and G2 and Vivo the next three G3 to G5 Blocks from G6 to G10 did not receive proposals and were considered deserts The other national lot auctioned the I6 was bought by TIM.

The three telephony companies which already operate in the Brazilian market were also the ones that won lots of the main 5G band of 35 GHz the socalled gold band as it is the most used by the system in the world Each company won a block of the track.

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