Congress will promulgate this Thursday the PEC

The promulgation of the common sections of the PEC proposed amendment to the Constitution of the approved by the Chamber and the Senate is scheduled for this Thursday 16th The solemn promulgation session is scheduled for 2 pm in the plenary of the Senate

The Chamber of Deputies definitively approved in the second round the PEC with the changes made by the Senate The basic text of the matter with the maintenance of the amendments made by the senators was approved on Tuesday 14 and the voting in the first round was concluded yesterday 15th

The text had been initially approved in the beginning of November in the Chamber but it underwent alterations in the Senate and had to return for a new analysis by the deputies The PEC dos establishes a limit the for the annual payment of by the Federal

Government and alters the calculation of the spending ceiling a fiscal austerity rule With this a fiscal space in the order of R 1061 billion is opened in the governments calculations for the next year

The only small change in the text approved by the Senate made by the deputies is related to the four monthly payment of specific orders from the for the Maintenance and Development of Elementary Education and the of Teaching

The Senate text defined that will be outside the spending ceiling and that payments will be made in three installment’s starting in April of next year The Chamber maintained the rule of three installment’s paid throughout the year but suppressed the dates

The opposition remained opposed to the matter calling it default Opposition lawmakers also stated that with the passage enacted last week the federal government already had sufficient resources to fund the social program a replacement for Bolsa Família in installments of R 400 for more than 17 million families

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