Central Bank Will To Start 2022 Budget Investigation Next Week

The servers of the Central Bank will start next week the delivery of commissioned positions in protest against the approval of the 2022 Budget which granted salary increases only to police careers The information was confirmed to R7 by the president of National Union of Central Bank Employees Fabio.

The intention is to demand from BC president Roberto Campos Neto an answer about a career restructuring plan We are still working in the political field On Monday 27 we are going to assemble the list with the exact number of delivery of the commissions If that does not have an effect we are thinking of stoppages.

Ultimately the president of Sinal said that the possibility of the category filing a lawsuit against this isolated restructuring aimed only at police officers will be considered.

In the second version of the report the rapporteur also brought the forecast of an increase of R 800 million for the readjustment of the floor of community health agents and agents to fight endemic diseases whose presidential veto on salary recovery was overturned by Congress last week last.

Last Thursday 23 emails and notes were sent to President Campos Neto demanding an answer from the management about a career restructuring plan The material was also published on the agency intranet.

MC Boco was helped by the owner of the bar he took the musician to a basic health unit that is 800 meters from the bar but the MC arrived lifeless at the emergency room.

On the same night four other artists would also perform and Boco was the third to take the stage Before the show he was in the company of other MCs who left the venue unaided.

Police seized cartridges of ammunition used in the crime Images from a security camera installed near the site will also be analyzed The suspect fled and so far has not been identified.

BC employees followed the same line of protest as the Federal Revenue where more than 320 servers asked to be removed from office last Wednesday 22.

Among the deadlock points in the 2022 Budget vote was the salary readjustment of federal and highway police officers and agents of DEPEN National Penitentiary Department.

The changes in the report partially answered President Jair Bolsonaros request to restructure federal security careers with the allocation of R 1736 billion to the category next year The governments initial suggestion was a total of R28 billion.

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