The DeLorean, reborn as an electric vehicle, will make its debut at Pebble Beach in August

Although not everyone is aware of the name DeLorean Motor Company, most people are familiar with the company’s now-legendary item: the DMC DeLorean. The sports vehicle’s stainless steel body panels, as well as gullwing doors, rendered it—and continue making it—a truly distinct and head-turning vehicle, even though it was only sold for 1981 to 1983 model years. It’s no surprise that filmmaker Robert Zemeckis chose the automobile for the Back to the Future movie franchise’s time machine.

Then it was just a matter of time before another entity resurrected the infamous car. That’s exactly what DeLorean Motors Reimagined is executing. The DeLorean Motor Company, which sells components for and restores the original DeLoreans, is the company’s largest stakeholder, and it plans to unveil its new-era take on John Z. DeLorean’s iconic coupe at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in the month of August.

DeLorean’s car on the concours’ Concept Lawn will be a preview of the firm’s low-volume production vehicle. The new DeLorean is going to be propelled by a battery-electric motor, rather than the gasoline-fueled DeLorean of the past. Most of the car’s major characteristics are being kept under wraps for the time being, but chief executive officer (CEO) Joost de Vries, who formerly worked at Volvo and Tesla, told Car and Driver that revived DeLorean is likely to have a driving range of at least 300 miles.

The company is also building a customer base for the automobile, though it plans to get the powertrain—like electric motors and battery packs—from outside sources. “It makes no sense for a firm of our size to integrate vertically everything today,” de Vries said.

The end product should borrow styling cues from its forerunner without repurposing its appearance. The automobile that the business hopes to show off at the Pebble Beach “imagines what a contemporary DeLorean might look like if it had been around for the last 40 years,” according to Troy Beetz, who works as a chief marketing officer.

It remains to be seen if this results in a vehicle that attracts attention in the same manner that its predecessor did. Nonetheless, DeLorean intends to design a car that appeals to individuals’ emotions, with de Vries revealing that the upcoming DeLorean will sacrifice some aerodynamic efficiency in the interest of style.

Despite its appearance, the initial DeLorean’s performance was underwhelming. Expect that feature of the old automobile to be absent from the new one. De Vries was certain that the DeLorean redux “isn’t a hypercar,” although he did say that the business is designing it to appeal to “those who want to drive.”

It’s apparent that the individuals behind this venture possess the knowledge and enthusiasm to build a viable high electric sports car. Even still, building and producing a new and profitable car is neither simple nor affordable for a small company.

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