As BYD prepares to power 1 million electric vehicles per year, the fixed price for Atto 3 has been confirmed

Following the announcement that Eagers Automotive stores will sell the BYD Atto 3 electric crossover, EV Direct has stated that there will be no price increases or haggling. At the very same time, BYD revealed that it has begun building on a new battery factory in China alongside FAW, which will allow it to produce one million electric vehicles each year.

Previously exclusively available to order via the EV Direct web, the Eagers transaction includes a 49 percent ownership in the BYD import class, which, along with a partnership with mycar, will provide the young import company accessibility to around 80% of Australia’s population, allowing regional test drives.

Concerns were raised after the announcement that a dealership structure would imply that pricing would not be fixed. The fears are understandable, given reports that some retailers – like the EV6 in the United States – are raising the price of EVs due to supply chain challenges causing insufficient inventories.

EV Direct CEO Luke Todd addressed these issues in an interview with Youtuber & Electric Vehicle owner Tesla Tom: “There will be no haggling,” Todd declared. “Whether you’re on digital or in the showroom, the pricing is the same.”


Software, connectivity, and infotainment

During the webcast, further details were revealed, including how the car’s built-in connectivity will work. A wide range of technical features, comprising the capability to upgrade the car’s software over-the-air, is going to be standard using BYD’s proprietary “D-link” system (which he says has yet to be spread out in Australia although can link to both Android and  Apple phones).

He describes it as “essentially an expansion of all of the applications you have on your phone. Obviously, there are safety features built-in, so you can’t be playing with applications and the such while driving,” he says. “However, having an extension of your mobile device…. linked into the car via the D-link technology is a big step forward for us.”


On the way are bold color possibilities.

While there is currently only one bright inside colorway available, EV Direct plans to introduce another in the future.

“In terms of contact areas where the screens are plus where the grips and gear change are, it’s incredibly ergonomic,” Todd remarked.

He went on to say that, in addition to the 3 exterior color possibilities currently available – grey, white, and blue – the number of external color options might grow to five or six if assembly line management is in place.

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