Sonnenstromfabrik and REC Group to strengthen their partnership

The REC Group, an international solar energy firm, and Sonnenstromfabrik (CS Wismar GmbH), a solar PV producer, have agreed to develop a strategic alliance.

The planned collaboration will focus on establishing a high-performance module manufacturing facility at the Sonnenstromfabrik facility in Wismar, Germany, employing REC’s unique split cell & junction box technologies, as well as future cooperative initiatives in Europe markets. With a specialized product portfolio, Sonnenstromfabrik has concentrated on the premium parts of the photovoltaic industry. As a result, the cooperation hopes to enhance the efficiency of Sonnenstromfabrik’s photovoltaic modules. Even under partially shadowed settings, better yields can be attained with REC’s split cell & junction box technology. Sonnenstromfabrik gains a significant edge in enhance half-cut cell systems for PERC modules as a result of its collaboration with REC.

The parties also agreed to avoid any issues over REC’s EP 3 017 520 patent, that covers the company’s innovative and acclaimed split cell & junction box technology. The parties anticipate finalizing a mutual collaboration agreement at a later date, which will include a license of REC’s EP 3 017 520 patent. Split cell & junction box technology from REC has been used in REC products for over a decade and is also a significant aspect of the N-Peak 2, TwinPeak 4, Alpha, as well as Alpha Pure Series highly advanced solar panels.

The firms have been working together for numerous years, having REC being a significant contributor to Sonnenstromfabrik’s low-carbon solutions, supplying wafers made in a more environmentally friendly manner from REC’s production facility in Norway.

“We will accelerate our speed toward uncompromising high-performance technology developed by Sonnenstromfabrik through a strategic cooperation with REC,” stated Dr. Bernhard Weilharter, who works as the Managing Director (M.D.) of Sonnenstromfabrik/CS Wismar GmbH. “Due to the increasing size of solar cells, REC’s proprietary split cell & junction box technology has become unavoidable.  To lower currents to a level that inverters can manage, cells must be reduced. The industry has praised REC’s revolutionary technology for providing unrivaled increases in performance and efficiency.”

True energy transformations, according to Jan Enno Bicker, CEO of REC Group, can only be achieved through bold innovations.

“Given the severity of climate change, we must expedite the adoption of high-efficiency clean technologies right now,” Mr. Bicker said. “As a numerous award-winning and pioneer in solar product development, we are happy to partner with a premium brand like Sonnenstromfabrik to offer access to our premier technology in a way that honors REC’s hard work and investments while also respecting fair competition.  This will provide consumers even more control by providing them with the highest efficiency and the most benefits.”

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